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My Other Car is a Sleigh

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Car, Van, Truck, Motorcycle and Sleigh Show

img_8367Santas across the United States often do a little personaizing on the auto and even their motorcycles or other vehicles.  Sometimes it is just a personalized license Plate or possibly a sticker or two on their windows or rear bumper.

This special showcase is for Santas to proudly present their personal vehicles.   You will see custom cars, electric golf carts, motorcycles and scooters, a custom sleigh or two, and a variety of transportion units that Santas use to get to those all important parties.

As a special thank you, the Car Show host, World Wide Photography will be presenting special plaques with photos to owners of the cars.

Additionally some of these vehicles will be on display at Branson Landing during the “Parade of Red Suits,” and a few may also appear in the Parade.

Children are always asking, “Where are the Reindeer?” and “How did Santa get here?”   Now they will know!