Convention Give-a-ways


Some vendors and sponsors are producing give-a-way items for the convention attendees.  This is only being allowed for sponsors, advertisers and vendors to the convention, with approval by the convention committee.

Although we do not have control on what someone would like to give away, it is our goal that give-a-way items be something that our convention Santas and attendees would need and appreciate.

Currently there is a tote bag with logos of sponsors and attractions.  Those wanting to have their logo on the bag should contact Taunya Lay at (800) 432-4202

There are other items being given out, but these are being kept  as surprises for the convention.  Additionally there could be I.D. badge holders and lanyards, baseball caps or visors, sun glasses, hand sanitizers,  pens, etc. 

With the distribution of a give away item we will allow the sponsor or donor to include a brochure or flyer that would be included in the registration packages for all convention attendees.  We can also make that flyer or brochure a coupon that is redeemable for the give away item at your vendor booth.

NOTE: All give-a-way items must be approved by the convention committee. Should you wish to include the convention logo on your item, this too, will need approval.