Parade of Red Suits presented by Coca-Cola

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Hosted by Branson Landing

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Thursday, July 7, 2016  8:00 a.m.
Group Photo 9:30 a.m.

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BLLogo1The 2016 “Parade of Red Suits” will take place at Branson Landing, on the scenic Taneycomo Lakefront, next to Historic Downtown Branson.  The entire parade route is less than 1/2 mile long, but amid one of America’s nicest malls.

Celebrating three themes of Santa: Joy, Giving and Love, an estimated 1,000 Santas and Mrs. Claus will  be joined by Celebrities, Floats, Custom Santa Autos, Music and lots of surprises.

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The Spirit of Giving will be lead by the patron Saint of Giving, St. Nicholas, riding in a beautiful Carriage.  He will be followed by a group of local organizations that are the true spirit of giving, as they contribute and support the Branson community.

The Spirit of Joy will be led by the Honorary Ambassadors of Joy, the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters,  from “Silver Dollar City’s Star Spangled Summer”.   They will be followed by children from the Branson Boys and Girls Club and units that reflect Joy.

The Spirit of Love will be the largest part of the Parade, The Santas and Mrs. Claus.  representingSantas from all corners of the United States, plus represenatives from many foreign countries.

As the Santas parade through Branson Landing, lots of Christmas music will add to the festivities.  And of course, everyone is welcome to sing along!

Are you are wondering  why the parade is so early in the day?  Well, everyone will be wearing the wonderful winter wardrobe and it is July, so the average daily temperature in Branson is around 88 degrees.  Mornings are much cooler.  Also, it  is our hope that this special parade will air live on one of the major network morning shows.

At the conclusion of the parade, approximately 9:30 a.m. a group photo of the Santas and Mrs. Claus will be taken in the Town Square with the Branson Landing Fountains as a backdrop.  This will be the World’s record for the most “Real” and “Professional” Santas and Mrs. Claus every assembled.

branson landing fountains
Branson Landing Fountains

Branson Landing Fountains
At the heart of the Landing is a vibrant town square terracing down to the $7.5 million spectacular water attraction that features the first-ever merging of water, fire, light and music, a dazzling interplay of water Fountains shooting 120-foot geysers and fire cannons blasting, all choreographed to light and music.

The water and fire spectacle is a creation of internationally renowned Wet Design, the producers of world-class shows for Downtown Disney marketplace in Orlando, Universal City Walk in California and the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Parade Origins
The origin of Christmas Parades and pageants goes back a few centuries.   At Harvest Fest or Winter Festivals, St. Nicholas might arrive to walk among those attending.

In Italy, Denmark and other European Countries, St. Nicholas might arrive by boat or upon a beautiful white horse and parade through the city.

First Santa Convention
(Photo courtesy of the Philip Wenz Collection)

In 1939 the Benevolent Order of Santa Claus held the world’s first Santa Claus Convention at the Hotel St. George in New York City. Fourteen Santa Clauses attended.

In the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s members of the  Benevolent Order continued to have annual conventions .

A small group of Santa atteded the 2006 World Congress. Here they join with Bakken’s mascot “Pjerrot the Clown,” as the lead a parade at the amusement park, followed by Bakken’s host band.

In more modern times, since 1957,  the historical Amusement park at Dreysbakken (Bakken), in Copenhagen,  has annually held a July festival with Santas, Mrs. Claus and Holiday revellers.   Created by Professor Tribini, the ringmaster and host at Bakken, his idea was to invite all the Santas from around the world to vacation at Bakken in July.  At the first congress, it was mostly local men wearing the Suits of Santas from different countries.

Today the event in Bakken has grown. Each year 50 to 150 Santas and Mrs. Claus travel from countries around the world, to gather  in Bakken at the “World Congress of Santas.”  For three days they tour parts of Copenhagen each morning and then return to Bakken where they march in a small parade each afternoon and then meet with all of the guests at the Amusement Park.

Santas parade through the Grand Village Shoppes during the 2006 Discover Santa Convention

The Original Discover Santa Parade
In 2006, the first Discover Santa convention began with a Parade of Red Suits.  As the musical notes and singing of Jingle Bells began, Over 300 Santas began coming out of doorways at the Grand Village Shoppes.  First one santa, then ten, then twenty and eventually all three hundred marching.   Joining them along the sides of the parade route were another 200 Mrs. Claus and Family.  They finished the parade by gathering in the Plaza outside of Kringles, the Christmas Store, where the Santas and Mrs. Claus  posed for a special group photo.

Over 300 Santas, plus an additional 215 Mrs. Claus and Holiday professionals attended the first Discover Santa Convention in 2006. At the conclusion of the “Parade of Red Suits,” a group photo was taken