Red Suit Surveys

The 2015 “Red Suit Survey” of Santas  and the 2015 Mres. Claus Survey, are both completed and you can now look at some of the results.    Here is the Link for the Red Suit Survey:

2015 Red Suit Survey Results
2015 Mrs Claus Survey Results

553 Santas participated in this Survey, which was for any person who wears the red suit of Santa or appears as St. Nicholas or one of his descendants.  Short, Tall, big or thin, real bearded or traditional bearded, this was for all Santas.  Information was emailed to over 2,000 Santas, plus they and others shared the survey link to their local associations and internet chat groups.

Additionally the 2015 “Mrs. Claus Survey” for the wives and ladies who work as Mrs. Claus, is now completed . This survey is for all ladies whether married to a Santa or Single, and who either work as a Mrs. Claus or a Santa Helper, or just support their Santa behind the scene.   121 participated.

This was the ninth year of creating a survey and the third time to send a separate Survey for the Mrs. Claus and ladies in the Santa Community.  From these surveys we learn who is wearing the Red Suit, and also the Red Dress.  We find out the average age, height, and other fun information.

What is Santa’s favorite cookie?  Favorite Song?   What does he drive?  Or does he have a motorcycle.  Is that tummy real?  From the ladies we learn if they are a Mrs. Claus, a Santa Helper, or just assist with bookings and making sure Santa looks good when he leaves home.

We hope all enjoy the information on the surveys and should you have any questions, suggestions for next years survey, or wish to comment on the results of this survey, please feel free to email Santa Tim at: