SNO-lympics™ presented by Toys R Us


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Friday, July 8, 2016    9 am to Noon

Thank you to our Friends and special sponsor Toys R Us, who donated all of the toys and other items for SNO-lympics.  Toys R Us is also one of the major donors to our official Charity, Toys for Tots and from the Discover Santa convention we donated over $10,000 to  the Marines who will use it to help children less fortunate this coming Christmas season.

SNO-lympics consisted of a variety of games for both individuals and teams.   A few games werer quite similar to what you might find at a picnic.  Others we have found are quite popular with the folks at the North Pole.

There were lots of video cameras around the games and much of it will be seen in the special documentary that is being produced about the convention.

SNO-lympics Elf-ficialsMany of the events featured toys from our friends at Toys R Us.  And when it was all over, the toys and bicycles were donated to the Branson Boys and Girls Club and to Jesus was Homless, an organization that helps homeless children.

Chairman for the event was Santa Ron Campbell, who has presided over hundreds of company and association picnics.  Assisting him was a fantastic group of Santas and Mrs. Claus from the Raleigh-Durham region.

And for those who were not the competitive type, there was “Santa’s UN-Run,” a 10K run where no one ran!  Participants made donation to Toys for Tots, put on special t-shirts and enjoyed complimentary refreshments, while watching the competitions of SNO-lympics.   Those who participated in the UN-Run raised a little over $1,000 which was part of the over $10,000 that was given to Toys for Tots.

Here is a list of the events:

Kringle Family Duel  –  An homage to America’s TV favorite show.  Two 6 person teams each compete to answer Christmas questions.  Only event in the Sassafras Theater in the host hotel Chateau On The Lake.  This was chaired by Santa Jim Hastingsm with assistance from Santa Duane and Peggy Reaugh.

santatugawarThe Epic Tug O’ War  – A major test  of strength, Sixteen, 8-person teams, competed in this traditional competition. Ron Campbell MC; East-Line Judge Susan Lebkes; West-End Judge Don Lebkes; Bracket Master Paulette Campbell.

Assembly of Soma Christmas Puzzle –  Santa, the toy maker, practices his dexterity and mental acuity. Participant given a dis-assembled hand-crafted wooded puzzle to put together in 3 minutes.  Challenging table fun. Event Captains: Jim and Ruth Ann Dyer.

schwinn mantisSanta’s Bike Assembly and Relay   – The elves know that Santa needs to practice quickly putting together a new Schwinn© Bicycle.  The pieces were the front wheel, Frame with handlebar/fork and rear wheel, the seat, and the all important bike helmet.  Teams of 4 had the first person carry the front wheel to the other side and then run back to tag the second person, who takes the frame assemble to the other side, running back to tag the third person who carries the bike seat and finally the fourth person brought the helmet.  Once the entire Schwinn© wass on the other side the team raced to assemble the Schwinn© and one person put on the helmet and rode the Schwinn© back to the starting line.  Event Captains for this event were: Marsha and Billy Quinton, Joel Roach and Joyce Bailey.

Tree Topper –   Each participant tossee a selection of toys at a Christmas Tree board, with a special hole at the top of the tree. The object was to see how many toys Santa or Mrs. Claus could get in the hole in one minute.   Captains: Barbara Hastings plus Jim and Peggy Lewis.

a5_lux_blacklabel_productBranson 500   – Not 500 miles . . . not even 500 yards . . . but a thrilling race of maybe 500 inches!  Participants kick started their “Razor A-5 Lux” scooters around the course.  These Steel framed Razors have 18″ wide handle bars,  and large 6″  wheels.  The Santas were also required to make the “sounds of a race car at Daytona.  as they covered the course. Captains Jim and Kollee Youker handled the green flag.


Visions of Peppermint Toss   –  Participants sat at a table and practicer their hand/eye coordination as they toss wrapped peppermint candy in to a hole in a small hand crafted game board. Really fun individual event.  This event was specially designed for those with physical restrictions. or  Captains: Larry and Blanche Dean

Santa Stacks Legos & BarbiespTRU1-20485930_alternate1_dt Children the world over have been stacking Legos higher and higher every year.  Our competition, unfortunately was not for a Guinness record.  But Santas and Mrs. Claus went for a record to see how many “Lego CITY” boxed toys, and boxed Barbies they could stack, one on top of another, in one minute, with out the stack falling over!

Danish Christmas Spoons – Children in Denmark set out porridge on Christmas Eve for Santa. European Santas carry big wooden spoons which they use to enjoy othe porridge. For this event participants balanced and carried unbreakable Christmas ornaments on one of the big wooden spoons over a 50-foot obstacle course. This was a team relay competition of 4 members for each team. Event Captains were Marsha Quinton and Blanche

* All Toys, used for these competitions were dontated by our sponsor, Toys R Us.  At the end of competition Discover Santa 2016 donated the bicycles and toys to local Branson area charities and non-profit organizations.