Kringle Family Showcase


July 6 – 10, 2016
Chateau on the Lake
Branson, MO


Discover Santa 2016 will feature one of the finest ever Vendor and Exhibitor Fairs arranged expressly for Santas, Mrs. Claus and Holiday Professionals.   Hosted on July 6 thru 10 at the Headquarter’s Hotel, The Chateau on the Lake, the showcase will be open all five days on the same floor with the General Sessions and all Workshops.Vendor Room 25

We have had a few changes in vendors and are just about sold out of booths. We may have one booth left.   Plus we do have special vendor tables in the lobby areas outside the Vendor showcase and our meeting and workshop rooms. Please contact us if you wish to be a vendor.   Should you wish to join us, please contact the Showcase Chairman.

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Great Hall2
Great Hall, Chateau on the Lake

We have over 40 vendor booths located in he Vienna and Edinburgh rooms on the west end of the Great Hall.

These booths are $350 per booth.   All booths will have an 8-foot high drape at the back of their booth and a 36-inch draped wall on each sides, plus an 8-foot by 30-inch table and a small sign.  Additional 8-foot tables are $25.00, when purchased with a booth.

All vendors will receive a black and white, business card sized ad in the convention program book, with your booth number listed. Vendors with a double booth will recieve a 1/4 page black and white ad.   Plus you will be included with listing on the vendor page and map.   Vendor are also welcome to upgrade their ads to full-color, half and full page sizes Details on the various ad sizes can be found by clicking here.

All Vendors will need to stay within their allotted area and cannot extend into the isles or outside their booth, except where space permits and, as per fire department regulations.   The  above drawing is good, but not to Scale and although there looks like there might be additional space, in most cases, there is not.  The room will be full.

Electricity is $20 if for just for a laptop or phone.  If you have your own lighting, are running printers or any special equipment the hotel requires a fee of $95. Booths denoted by the letter ‘L’ will be set up last as they are directly in front of the loading doors.  And sound or music must be kept to a reasonable level, so as not to conflict or interfere with other vendors.

The Kringle Family Showcase room will be locked and secured each night at closing.  Vendors will be able to self-secure their own booth should they need to close in order to attend a workshop, be a presenter or to attend any other convention events or programs.

We also have a small amount of draped, 8 foot Vendor Tables which will be located around the lobby area.  These are just $125. Each table comes with one chair.   Lobby Vendor Tables  are unsecured and can be set up on any day or time that the main Vendor Showcase room is open. These tables are designed to accommodate merchandising or smaller items, and as informational stations.  These will be free standing tables and not secured.  Any valuables or merchandise will need to be removed each evening.  However brochures and small displays or promotional  elements, although unsecured, can be left up at all times as long as they do not create a nusiance or problem.

Lobby Tables must be kept neat and are restricted to table top merchandising or presentations. No clothing racks or visible storage of cardboard boxes, etc. will be allowed in the lobby areas.  This is a very stylish 4-star hotel and they have required we keep everything aesthetic for other tourists and non-convention guests.  Printed materials or give-aways can be left on the tables  at all times, even when the Vendor Showcase room is closed.  Some lobby tables may not have electricity available.

Once full payment is received we will contact you to help select your booth location.  Should you have any other special request, please contact the Kringle Family Showcase Chairman, Santa Bob Elkin,

Vendor booth and table payments include two vendor badges.*    Additional badges can be purchased.  If you have purchased Convention registration also, you additionally will  have any badges that come with your convention registration.  NOTE: Vendor booth and table payments do not include any convention registration, meals, shows, transportation, lodging or workshop admission, unless vendor is also a workshop presenter.  We recommend the general registration as a minimum as it will give you lunch each day, two dinners and full access the convention and all events.*

If you do have convention registration, your vendor badges could be used for additional staff who would have access only to the  vendor showcase.  Badges and ID’s must be worn at all times.

In order to protect the privileges of our vendors, no one outside of the vendor showcase or official convention sponsors, will be allowed to promote, market or sell any product or service at the convention or any of the convention hotels, during the convention.   Anyone caught doing so will be asked to leave and if registered at the convention will have their credentials revoked.

General Convention Registration packages are available for eht workshops, special events, shows and meals.  For details please visit the Registration Page

Special Sponsor Packages are available that include VIP amenities, Convention Registration, Vendor Booth, VIP hotel accommodations, meals and events and enhanced marketing exposure.   Visit the Sponsor page for Details

The  Vendor Exhibitor area will be open during all general times of the Convention: Wednesday through Sunday.   Vendor times are underlined.

  • Wednesday, July 6    Vendor Showcase open from 2pm to  10pm.    Vendors will move in between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m.  The Showcase will Officially open from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Thursday, July 7     Vendor Showcase open from 8am to  10pm.   Please note that all Convention Events and meals for this day will not be at the Chateau.  We will have shuttles running for those who do not wish to attend the parade, opening session and special shows.
  • Friday, July 8            Vendor Showcase open from 8am to  10pm.
  • Saturday, July 9      Vendor Showcase open from 8am to  10pm.
  • Sunday, July 10       Vendor Showcase open from 8am to  3pm.   Move out will take place from 3pm to 11 pm.

The Vendor Showcase room will be locked and secured each night at closing.  Vendors will be able to self-secure their own booth should they need to close in order to attend a workshop, be a presenter or to attend any other convention events or programs.

*NOTICE - Anyone found attending meals, special events or shows, without registration or a vendor badge, will be removed from the convention. Additionally, anyone found marketing or selling a product or service, without being a sponsor or vendor, will be removed from the convention.

Additionally, anyone selling products with the convention logo, city & date, or any product that proports to be convention merchandise, without a license from the convention will be asked to remove the product from the convention.  

Only licensed convention merchandise may feature the  convention logo, convention city and date, etc.  The only convention functions open to the public are the Kringle Family Reunion at the Grand Village Shops, the Parade at Branson Landing and the Vendor Showcase.

For those wishing to pre-ship items to Branson, and not have to pay hotel handling fees, we have arranged for direct shipping to the following locations, with no charge for handling or holding for a few days.

UPS Store
1440 State Hwy 248 Ste Q
Branson, MO  65616
Open Daily 8 am  to 6:30 pm
Saturdays  9 am – 3 pm

Mail Box  Plus
3000 Green Mt Dr
Branson, MO
Open Daily  9 am to  5 pm
Saturdays 10 am – 2 pm
(this one is closer to the Chateau)

If you want to be a Vendors or Exhibitor, we invite you to make your reservation now