What to Wear at DS2016

1There are just two or three dress categories for the Convention. WE don’t want to say that this is a Dress Code that everyone has to adhere to, but we do want to make sure that everyone looks their best during our week in Branson!

Before we get in to the three suggested categories, we want to remind everyone, that the media will be all over the Convention.  And sometimes you may not even know they are there.  That is why we want to remind you to look your best.
Additionally, there will be lots of other families and tourists visiting Branson and they will be taking photos and video and sending them home or posting them out there in social media. Hundreds, if not thousands of personal phones of spectators on just the parade, alone.  They will be posting photos and streaming video.  Can you say YouTube, Insta-gram, Twitter and Facebook!
There will also be news media film and television cameras everywhere.  This will be true all week long.  In addition to the news media, we are filming a documentary of the convention and will have over a dozen cameras in and around the convention.  Additionally, we will be streaming the parade live on the internet.
So remember, we will be filmed and photographed, and almost instantly, all over the world!  Yes, in a matter of minutes!
Hopefully they will all use our hashtag:  #kringlereunion
July in Branson is nice and warm, so except for the Parade of Red Suits (on Day #2), the day-time dress for most activities will be “Santa-Casual.”  This will be for almost every day except for the Parade of Red Suits and the Red Suit Gala.
Be comfortable! Shorts, Slacks, Tennis shoes, loose fitting shirts, maybe even Hawaiian-style shirts!  Golf Shirts, nice t-shirts, are also acceptable.  Why not think “Cruise” attire.  Like you are on a fancy vacation.  Say, isn’t this a bit of a vacation for you!  Baseball-style caps are also great, especially for the outdoor events.  
But let’s be realistic, it is July, In Missouri, and the weather will be quite warm.  The highs will be in the eighties, possibly reach 90.  What you wear should be very casual.  Pretend you’re on vaca
tion, or a cruise.Of course, the color of the day, every day, is “RED.”  This is not to say you should be wearing solid red clothing all day every day.  It should be loose and comfortable.  Maybe it’s a pair of khaki shorts with the red canvas belt, topped by a nice red golf shirt.  Or a casual Hawaiian style shirt.For the ladies again it is casual and shorts are very popular.  As are golf shirts, sleeveless blouses, etc.  Again There are lots of nice comfortable outfits in the pool-side and “Cruise” categories.

And don’t forget, you also have to be wearing your wrist band in order to get on the shuttles, attend workshops and have special access to certain events and privileges during the convention.  For example, some of the give-a-ways, complimentary beverages and snacks are only for those wearing the special wrist bands.
Please double check that you have your Santa hat for some of our “Media Events.”   Because the photos and video taken are most probably going “around-the-world,”  we  want the public to see Santa Hats, even when you are dressed, “Santa Casual”
  • Branson Country Live  – July 1st
  • Toys R Us Media Event – July 5th
  • Ferris Wheel – July 6th
  • Parade of Red Suits – July 7th (Full Santa & Mrs. Claus attire required)
  • Showboat Branson Belle –  July 7th (Group Photo on top deck prior to departing)
  • SNO-lympics – July 8th (Those competing should wear their Santa Hats)

07072006_164538Very simply, this is the main media event for the convention, to tell the world we have arrived in Branson.  The dress is your favorite Santa Suit or Mrs. Claus ensemble.  This could also be an old world Santa or Father Christmas.

The parade is held early in the morning, 7:00 AM, which means we will be waking you up at 5:00 AM in order to give you time to get dressed and take one of our convenient buses to Branson Landing, site of the parade.

The temperatures will range between 50 and 70.  It should be quite comfortable as the landing is on the shores of Lake Taney-Como.  And the parade route is less than 1/2 mile long.  Its just a shopping center length.

The attire, for the Parade of Red Suits, is just that!  Your Red Santa Suit.  It could be the Traditional Red Suit with fur trim.  Or the Coca-Cola Suit with buttons on the jacket.
Yes, for most of us Santas, it will be the standard coat with fur trim, red hat with fur trim and little white fur ball or bell, black Belt and boots.  It could be Cherry Red, or Wine Red or Burgundy, but should be a Traditional Santa Suit.
Luckily the ladies have a much wider variety of wardrobe to select from.
We also know that many Santas have special robes, or traditional Santa outfits based on some of the international Santas.  And these come in different shades of red or burgundy or even brown and white.  A few Santas have wardrobe based on a famous photo or painting or an international Santa from another Country.  Many of these are acceptable.
For example, Thomas Nast’s first Santa wore the stars and stripes of Uncle Sam: Red, White and Blue!  But he still had a Red Hat!
The Key “rule” here is all Santas must be dressed as Santa, unless their float or vehicle demands a different attire.  If you are driving a 1906 Automobile, you might want to dress like someone dressed in 1906!
We are also honored to have Santa Phil Wenz at the beginning of our parade, appearing in full official clerical wardrobe as St Nicholas, Patron Saint of Charity.  He will be leading the “Spirit of Giving” section of our Parade.

Saturday night’s Red Suit Gala has a fun theme, “Red is the New Black!”  Everyone is invited to dress up a bit. Dress does not have to be your Santa suit, although some will want to do that. It will be everything from Tuxedos and Evening Gowns, to suits and Sport coats and summer cocktail dresses.   Enjoy, be comfortable.

The Gala will begin with a reception and “Meet the Kringles,” a special fashion show featuring some of the finest Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits and ensembles.  This will be followed by a gala dinner with live entertainment.

It may be that Santa will wear that great looking Red Suit or Red Blazer.  Ladies will have cocktail dresses.   Yes, there is a fashion show that evening, but everyone is invited to dress in what they like to wear.

We like to say dress to impress.  You may have a nice suit, or maybe a tuxedo.  If you’ve ever been on a cruise maybe this is what you wore on formal night for dinner.  The Grand Ballroom is Air Conditioned and very comfortable.

We do hope this information helps.  You may also want to talk to your fellow Santas and Mrs. Claus to see what they’re wearing.  Possibly they have attended special Santa functions in the past and can give you some insight into what they and others wore.

Our only request at the GALA is NO SHORTS, T-SHIRTS OR SANDALS.  After all this is a Gala Banquet.  Think you are going to a show in Las Vegas or on a Cruise Ship.  Oh yes, there is a show after dinner!
For the outdoor events, we recommend that you have on sunscreen.  We don’t want you to ruin your trip with sunburn or sunstroke.  Also drink plenty of liquids.  We will try to have lots of water on hand for the outdoor events.
This is a Santa Convention.  Thus, everyone attending should dress accordingly and remember that you represent the best there is in the Santa World.  We are not street vendors, pirates, or Hells Angel bikers (well some Santas do ride some nice bikes) So please, No Tank tops, t-shirts with alcohol ads or wardrobe that would have children or families, or the media thinking otherwise.
Also, try to wear clothing that fits.  We don’t want to see any Bubba bellies or plumber’s cleavage!
PLEASE NO “Naturally Santa” workshop outfits, no beach outfits, shorts, t-shirts, wacky or crazy costumes.  Real Santa Wardrobe please.  Anything deemed out of character or in poor taste will be asked to step away from the Parade.
Remember This parade is not about you!  It is about Santa Claus!  Yes, we all get to strut a little, but it is about our community as a whole.

We also invite you to view the video from the original convention.  The first part shows much of the dress for the Parade of Red Suits.  After the conclusion of the parade there is a collection of photographs showing many of the Santas and Mrs. Claus in their casual attire.  Here is a link to the video:

Click here to see the video of the 2006 Discover Santa Parade!


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